So who exactly is Nigel Davenport?

Statistical Info

I was born in the 70's (just).

I am 6 foot 3 inches tall (almost).

I am currently based in London, England.

I have a Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University.

I am not married.

I have no dependants (that I know of).

Contact Info

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Other Info

I have an awesome family.

I have so many cool friends.

I grew up on a dairy farm.

I like to party - a lot.

I know some stuff about computers.

I enjoy the odd game of field hockey.

I have had many nicknames, including: HongKong (plus derivatives), Dave, Niggle, Elvis and more recently Frenchy (even though I only know one person who actually calls me this).

I love gadgets. I especially love gadgets that make my life easier.

I currently work for @www where I am employed as a Website Developer.

"Provident angel" is an anagram of Nigel Davenport. So also is "Do pregnant evil", "Ardent vile pong" and "Long-envied part".